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Welcome to The Dirty Blind Man®'s home page.

A complete repair center for RV shades and Motorized Blind Repair. 


Due to the recent article in a trade magazine, we were totally taken by surprise.

This phone line is jammed most of the time, we are very very sorry.

We will try to expedite every request as quickly as possible.

Shade Sales will resume in October.

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Sun 8/30/2009 7:05 PM

Thank you.  I will highly recommend you to my RV'ing friends.  By the way, I think the CD is great.  It takes away the apprehension of "how to" do it. Thanks again.

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  If any of the cords are visibly broken then I just cut the other cords. Its easier to replace all then just 1.   The most common screw is Star (Phillips) Head approx. 3/4" long

If you think valance removal is required, try removing the screws from the valance rather than the wall. The screws are normally 1/4" - 1/2" and can be removed using a regular size driver, a stubby tends to pose difficulties.

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